Tuesday, June 13, 2017

California Adventures

Hello everyone!
Long time no talk again, I know, I know. I have been extremely busy this summer so far these past couple of weeks finally! I have started working my full time summer job at FleetFarm, and I love it so far! I am just a cashier there, so it is pretty chill and laid back. Also, the pay is really good so that's nice too.
Anyways, this week I have actually been in California with my family. We got here on Friday, and are staying in Pacifica, which is near the San Francisco area. It has been pretty fun for the most part! Yesterday was probably my favorite; we drove down the coast a little ways to Santa Cruz, and it was really cool to see because one of my good friends is actually moving there this year and going to UCSC, so it was cool to see that too. Then we got boba tea, my favorite, and relaxed at the beach for a while (I actually got a tan!).
Today, we woke up early this morning, probably around 7ish, and my parents took us to Starbucks (God Bless!) and after our Starbucks run, we went to this really cool place where you could explore tide pools. It was honestly a very cool experience! I loved seeing all of the sea life there. Anyways, after that we drove down past San Francisco a little bit and stayed in the area for a while and had our picnic at a cute little park. After that, we drove to Half Moon Bay, and relaxed on the beach again for a while; but not too long because it was actually freezing!
We all just had dinner now, we ordered a pizza and my mom made a ceaser salad, and it was delicious! Now we are just finally relaxing a bit before we go on our hike to watch the sunset. Hope you all enjoyed today's blog! Hopefully will be posting one on Friday when I am home from my trip

Until next time,

Here are a few pictures I have taken from my trip so far :) 

My first ever Acai bowl! It was so good. Definitely recommend them! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life Update

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry for the lack of blogging these past few months, I have seriously been crazy busy ever since! But I thought I would give a little bit of a life update since I finally have some free time over the summer to start blogging again. I have been home on summer break for almost a month now, and it has been so nice and relaxing. 
I finished my first year of college at St. Cloud State! I am so excited and happy to be done with school for the summer. It has been so nice being home and spending time with my friends and family that I haven't gotten to see all year really. I'm still slowly getting back into the swing of things here, but this summer has already gone by fast which makes me a little bit sad. Anyways, like I said I just finished my first year of college and it was amazing! I've definitely had my doubts about going to school there and wanting to transfer at times, but towards the end of the semester and when I had to move out of my dorm, I'm going to be completely honest with you - I didn't want to leave! I have met so many amazing people and my sorority sisters are all amazing as well. I am also very excited to say that I am going to be living in my Sorority house this coming year! I will be living with 9 of my amazing sisters, and I can't wait to get to know them better and become closer with them! 
Also at school, I have finally figured out a path I want to take and kind of figured out my life plan a little bit. I plan on majoring in Mass Communications, emphasis on Public Relations. I will be minoring in Travel and Tourism, in the hopes of being a flight attendant after college for a little while. I have officially registered for all of my classes for the fall as well, and I am very excited! 
Anyways, I just thought I would give a little life update for those of you that are interested and enjoy reading my blog! I am back for the summer, and hopefully will have more time to blog during the school year as well. 
Hope you all are doing well! More to come later, 

Xoxo, Kersten. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hello, again...

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry for my lack of blogging these past couple of months as I have been very busy with college. College life is exciting yet extremely time consuming! I have been keeping up with my classes as well as my sorority life commitments. It has all been so rewarding lately though! I am home for Thanksgiving break currently and I thought that since I have some time to relax it would be fun to start blogging again.
I am very excited that I have finally made some set plans in my life. I just changed to an elementary education major and I couldn't be more excited to explore my future career! I also signed a lease to live in my sorority house next year and I am extremely excited to live with 9 of my sisters!
I am super excited for some things coming up in the near future as I also have 3 weeks left of my fall semester here at school. I can't wait for the holidays and I am so happy that they have officially started! I went Black Friday shopping with my mom, cousin and aunt and I got so many good deals I can't wait for Cyber Monday tomorrow! Anyways, I will be hopefully continuing to blog more throughout the next couple of weeks.

Xoxo, Kersten.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life updates and such

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry for the lack of blogging lately, as I have been focusing on school and homework and such. I moved into SCSU about three weeks ago, and I absolutely love my new home here! The people are extremely nice and friendly, I've already made some really good friends here... I may have even met a cute boy. 
I love my classes, and I love that I know at least one person in each one. My roommate is a sweetheart, and we get along super well and I love our late night talks together. I actually even met one of my best/closest friends here already through the band, and joining band was honestly the best decision in my entire life. It introduces you to so many new people that you'd probably never meet otherwise, and they are extremely friendly too. I love seeing band members around campus because they'll smile or wave at me every time, even if I don't really know them either. 
We have our first football game halftime show that we perform in tomorrow and I am extremely excited but nervous at the same time. And then, I am coming home on Friday! I cannot wait to see all of my family and a few friends too. It's so weird not knowing anyone here from school, but at the same time I really like it because I am still keeping in touch with some of my really good friends from high school. 
Just wanted to keep you all updated on my first couple weeks of college!
Xoxo, Kersten. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

It's been a while...

Have you ever just felt that you are in the right place at the right time?
I can already tell that college is going to be the BEST four years of my life. I have only been here for a week, and let me tell you, I love it so much here! It feels a lot more like home than my hometown ever did. Of course there are times when I miss my friends and family back home, but if I don't think about it isn't bad at all. I just know that I am supposed to be here, seriously.
Band camp was actually amazing, I already feel like I'm a part of a new family, which is such an amazing feeling to be honest. Every time that I see a band member around campus, they'll wave at me and smile and I immediately feel at home.
My classes started today, and they were actually really great. My morning started off right which made the rest of my day amazing. One of my new friends and I stopped at Starbucks before our first class which was Biology 101, and it had 100 people in the class...
The next best part of my day was when I was waiting in the hallway for my English class to start and the cute boy from band walks up to me and we just started chatting, and he asked if he could sit with me since he and I didn't know anyone else in the class, which of course made me very, very happy.
After a long day of classes, I came back to my dorm and my roommate said there was a present from her on my desk. Sitting on my desk was a Harry Potter coloring book that I have literally always wanted! There was also a note saying "I heard you say you wanted this so I picked it up for you." It's just the little things like that that really make your day.
So, with all that being said I can't wait for classes tomorrow!
Until next time, xoxo, K.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

New beginnings

Hello everyone!
Today's been just a bit bittersweet and nostalgic. It blows my mind that I move in to my dorm room tomorrow and classes also start a week from tomorrow! I am extremely excited to be starting my new life in just a couple of hours! Yes I am very nervous as well, but I only really get nervous when I think about it, if that makes sense. 
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my family, it was nice to see everyone again and have them over for lunch. 
Today my sister and I went to Starbucks this morning to start our days off with some coffee, of course, it's a necessity. After that, I packed a little more (I'm almost done!) and then my mom and I  went to work out at the gym together, which was nice since we never get to go together anymore. Tonight I am getting dinner at Applebee's (my favorite) with my family for one last time. 
Yes I will miss my family and best friends dearly but I am very, very excited for all that is to come this year and to finally be living on my own and exploring who I really am. 
Until next time! Xoxo, K. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

A little nostalgic...

Today I've honestly just been feeling a bit nostalgic, as I am heading off to college on Monday I am enjoying my last couple of days at home with my friends and family. This past week has seriously flown by, I can't believe that I only have two days left until I move. As nervous as I am, I am also extremely excited. I'm excited to start over, seriously. I'll be going to a school where I only know five other people from my high school going there, and it's an hour and a half away from home, which isn't too bad. 
Anyways, I've had a really great past couple of days with my friends and family.
On Wednesday, my best friend and I spent our last day together sadly, but I had an amazing time as I mentioned in my previous blog post. Yesterday, I got to spend some time with my sister for once which was really nice. I packed, and relaxed of course. 
Tonight is my last night out with my friends, and I'm kind of sad to be honest. My friends and I are all getting together for one last time and having a nice dinner at Osaka, which I am very excited about because I love hibachi! And spending time with them of course.  Tomorrow, my cousins, aunt, and grandparents are coming up for one last family dinner/get together and I'm super excited to see all of them for one last time. 
With all that being said I am just very excited for new beginnings that are on their way. 
Until next time, xoxo, K.